Interaction Desingn Kit

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The Interaction Design Kit is a storytelling approach to arrive at heroic user journeys and character-based interaction concepts.

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Interaction Design Kit

What is it?

The Interaction Design Kit consists of a poster as a storytelling work surface and method cards with character discriptions. There are basically two theories that this Kit builds on: First, the concept of "Archetypes" introduced by psychiatrist and psychotherapist Carl Gustav Jung. Archetypes are universal patterns that derive from the collective unconscious. Today, those archetypes are used in many contexts, e.g. in marketing to create brand personalities. Second, Christopher Vogler’s "Hero’s Journey" based on Campbell’s observation. Today, many hollywood screenwriters successfully used and still use it as their guide to tell their stories.

How does it work?

The idea is super simple:

Designers map out the user experience based on the dramaturgy of a hero’s journey and brainstorm a narrative path.

Then different archetypes will go through as interaction partners and define the product's unique personality.

And the happy end is, that the user overcomes his fears, gets stronger and understands the value of the solution.

Interaction Design Kit

Why is this important?

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When you think of the Evernote app, does the image of the “Magician” come to mind? Does the blog app Medium conjure up the “Explorer”? Are there similarities between Tinder and the “Lover”? If the way we design interactions are right and archetype-based, these characters can spring to the mind as part of the identification of an interactive product.

Interactive media systems have their own personality in user's unconscious perception. Today there are no tools available to interaction designers that are tailored to help them design an application’s character.

Interaction Design Kit

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On the record

"Learned a lot from Enes Ünal about how to combine UX Design with Archetypes and Hero Journeys. His Interaction Design Kit is full of deep thoughts."

Daniel Szabó de Bucs
Innovation Consultant

"Comparing the archetypes to my users really helps me understand the problems and needs of my userbase."

Benjamin Kaspar

"UX-Experte Enes Ünal hat ein Muster gefunden, dass so einfach zu implementieren und gleichzeitig so wirkungsvoll ist."

Frank Puscher

Interaction Design Kit

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